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If you have not run DiveMeets software before, we highly recommend you go
thorough the online training program below.

Dive Meets is a two part system. First you down load the Dive Meets meet control software onto your computer. Then you open the software and download your meet into the software ready to run. On this page you will see we have two online audio visual training programs. We have split the programs into small segments. This gives you the option of viewing one segment after another all at one time or selecting individual segment to learn or review. If you need additional assistance please e-mail .

This page also contains Drivers for systems most often used with DiveMeets.

The DiveMeets online training program start here.
12 Steps To Download DiveMeets Meet Control Software & Lay Out Your Computers
  • Step 1: Image and audio instructions for the opening page of the 12 Step download and set up guide
  • Step 2: Image and audio instructions for the DiveMeets.Com"Main" page showing where to click first
  • Step 3: Image and audio instructions for the "Index / Help" page with the link to download DiveMeets software
  • Step 4: Image and audio instructions to enter the password to download DiveMeets Meet Meet Control software
  • Step 5: Image and audio instructions to open software options
  • Step 6: Image and audio instructions to open software
  • Step 7: Image and audio instructions to select "Typical" installation
  • Step 8: Image and audio instructions for the of desktop icons after installing DiveMeets Meet Control software.
  • Step 9: Image and audio instructions for the first screen in the DiveMeets Meet control program
  • Step 10 : Image and audio review of first 9 Steps
  • Step 11: Image and audio instructions to lay out and use 1 Master computer and 2 Score Table computers
  • Step 12: Image and audio instructions to lay out and use 2 score table computers and no master computer
  • Step 13: Image and audio instructions of final page with options to proceed to the next tutorial (below) or return home
How To Operate DiveMeets Meet Control Software
  • Segment 1 : How to download a meet ready to run into the DiveMeets Software: INCLUDING A TEST MEET
  • Segment 2 : How to delete a meet from the DiveMeets Meet Control Software
  • Segment 3 : Get started options available from the first screen in the DiveMeets Meet Control Software
  • Segment 4 : "Select 1 2 3 4" Are the Steps to set up an event or combined events
  • Segment 5 : Clear Selection Button (Use this button before you select events to run)
  • Segment 6 : How to set up your 2nd monitor to display the DiveMeets Live Statistics and Leader Board
  • Segment 7 : How To Re-size the software to fill your PC and 2nd monitor screen.
  • Segment 8 : Pre-plan have a volunteer get judges names. First and last clearly written.
  • Segment 9 : Importance of getting the correct score for each judge by name.
  • Segment 10 : Using the judge name filter. Creating a judge panel
  • Segment 11 : Select and load judge panel to event (button number 2)
  • Segment 12 : Review of segments 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 setting up an event
  • Segment 13 : Printing reports / load to Score Keeper (button number 3)
  • Segment 14 : How to unload a event from Score Keeper (button number 4)
  • Segment 15 : Setting up a second monitor at the Score Table
  • Segment 16 : Windows message do you trust this program
  • Segment 18 : Change dives and change Judges during an event
  • Segment 19 : Take the time to do things right. Don't listen to those who would trade accuracy for speed
  • Segment 22 : Change Scores / What does it mean when a message says "To Many Score Have Been Entered"?
  • Segment 24 : How to change a dive before an event starts
  • Segment 25 : How to scratch a diver (or UN-scratch) before an event starts
  • Segment 26 : How and when to open your Registration Table
  • Segment 27 : How to print out the divers sign off sheets for the Registration Table
  • Segment 28 : How to operate the DiveMeets Registration Table program (optional or your meet)
  • Segment 29 : How to export the Registration Table data to the Score Table computers
  • Segment 30 : How to upload your meet results to DiveMeets.Com.
  • Segment 31 : How to upload Live Scores from your meet results to DiveMeets.Com
Printer Friendly Cheat Sheets (We are just beginning this section. New Cheat Sheets are being added)
  • Segment P1 : How to CUT events
  • Segment P2 : How to SPLIT events
  • Segment P3 : How to Enter Exhibition Divers into an event
  • Segment P4 : PDF File that is very helpful, including how to use Colorado with DiveMeets (Submitted by Steve Tuel )
  • Segment P5 : Simple Step by step instructions to set up a Daktronics Omni Sport with DiveMeets.
  • Segment P6 : Simple Step by step instructions to set up a Omega Ares Score Board with DiveMeets.
USADiving / NCAA Rules and Forms You Can Print
  • Rules R1 : 2008 Spring Regional Rules including dive changes, on deck entries, late fees and more
  • Rules R2: NCAA Diving Rules pages Start on page 76:

Down Load Drivers Commonly used at DiveMeets Events

Note The Drivers listed below are placed here for your convenience. The drivers are not the property of or guaranteed by DiveMeets.


    Driver 1: For Use With DiveMeets And J-Pads Wireless Score Pads


Driver 2: Edge Port Switch Boxes Modified To Use With DiveMeets, Verifone Key Pads



    Driver 3: Radio Shack USB to Serial Converter Cable. Use With DiveMeets and Colorado, Omega, Daktronics, J-pads, Verifone


    Driver 4: Download Windows Media 9 Encoder. For Use Streaming Live Video To DiveMeets.