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  Steps To Entering A Meet With DiveMeets
1. Register

It is like opening a bank account. You can not make a deposit or write a check until you open an account. DiveMeets is the same. You can not participate in a DiveMeets meet as a diver, coach or judge or enter a meet online until you open a DiveMeets account (register with us). Registering is free.

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Only Register Once! If you have forgot your pass word or account number Click Here. DO NOT make a new account! If you are a Diver or Coach/Judge and you have not registered with DiveMeets, please take a minute and register now.

To confirm you are already registered click: Diver List | Coach List | Judge List. If you see your name, click it to get your DiveMeets ID number.

2. Login: To enter a meet or update your DiveMeets account information, Login on the left side of this screen by entering your DiveMeets ID Number and password. If you can not remember your pass word Click Here or where it says "Forget Your Pass Word?

You need be registered with DiveMeets before your divers enter a meet online. When your divers enter a meet online they must select your name from a drop down list of coaches. If your name is not there they must wait for you to create a account. If you have not registered, your name will not be there to select.


All coaches registered with DiveMeets are automatically on our Judge list. Do not register again. If you are not a coach but still may be judging at a meet register here. Judges are selected at DiveMeets from a drop-down list of coaches / Judges registered with DiveMeets. If you are selected to judge at a meet and you have not pre registered, it will be necessary to create a account for you on the pool deck. This is an unnecessary time delay at the meet.

IMPORTANT: Coaches check the Team List to see a list of all team names registered with DiveMeets. If your team is not listed you need to e-mail us your team name, your name, the teams address and phone number. Divers select their team affiliation from a drop down of team names. If your team is not listed they can not select it and will have to register unattached