2007 Chris Bridges Capital Classic Novice And Developmental
Type: Invitational
Start Date: 2007-11-11
End date: 2007-11-11
Sponsor: Montgomery Dive Club
Pool: Montgomery Aquatic Center,
5900 Executive Blvd.,
Rockville, MD
United States

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Divers Entered:
1. Calder, Danny
2. Cooper, Phoebe
3. De Waal, Ethan
4. Fein, Derek
5. Hart, Alexandra
6. Joss, Ethan
7. Kohn, Sarah
8. Laplante, Caroline
9. Mchale, Robert
10. Monette, Callan
11. Monette, Quinn
12. Moriarty, Erin
13. Nugent, Daniel
14. Nussbaum, Maxine
15. Saitta, Emily
16. Snow, Allie
17. Von Friedeburg, Alexandra
18. Von Friedeburg, Frances
19. Yousefi, Ryan
20. Yousefi, Sean


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