1936 Olympic Divers (Ghost Divers)  


The 1936 Summer Olympic Games (Wikipedia) were held in Berlin. During the games Adolf Hitler concealed his antisemitic and expansionist agenda. The games were a propaganda success for the Nazis, giving the world the impression Germany was peaceful and humanitarian,. Of course nothing could have been further from the truth.. The 1936 Games also saw the introduction of the Olympic torch relay. It was the first time a lighted torch was carried from Olympia to the site hosting the Olympic Games.

American men swept 3 meter springboard Richard Degener Gold, Marshall Wayne Silver, Alan Greene Bronze

10 Meter - American men place 1 & 2, Germany 3rd Marshall Wayne Gold, Elbert Root Silver, Hermann Stork of Germany Bronze

American women swept 3 meter springboard Marjorie Gestring Gold, Katherine Rawls Silver, Dorothy Poynton-Hill

10 Meter - American men place 1 & 2, Germany 3rd Dorothy Poynton-Hill Gold, Velma Dunn Silver, Käthe Köhler of Germany Bronze


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