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Set Your Meet Up On DiveMeets:: Setting your meet up on DiveMeets is a simple process. Just Contact us . We will call you back, answer any questions you may have and set up your meet. That is all there is to it. As soon as we have your meet information we will list your meet on or list of of "Upcoming Meets".

Online Divers Registration: As soon as your meets is listed in our Upcoming Meets, divers may register online. Divers fill out their dive sheets online. Dive sheets are instantly checked to be sure they comply with the latest USA Diving, AAU / FINA / NCAA / Custom or High School rules. Divers pay your entry fees online. Divers also pay our fee of 3.80 per event.

DiveMeets Software Runs Your Meet: DiveMeets is a two part system. Part 1 is the online registration. Part 2 is the DiveMeets Meet Control software. After the DiveMeets online registrations are closed for your meet, you will download our latest software. Then you download your online entries meet into the software. Downloading the software and the online entries only takes a few minutes. That's is all there is to it. You are ready to run your meet..

Computers: You simply download your meet into as many computers as you plan on using pool side. You use 1 computer and 1 printer for each score table. Data is easily transferred between your Registration Table, Master Computer and Score Tables using USB Flash Drives

Second Monitor Leader Board: Dive Meets also generates a second screen showing our Dive Meets Leader Board. This screen displays the current place for every diver in the event, where they were at the end of the preceding round, the average score they are getting for the event so far, the average score they received in the current round and how many points each diver needs to catch up to everyone in front of them. To display this Leader Board you plug a second Monitor into your computer. The DiveMeets Leader Board is not the same screen the computer score table operator sees.

Live Online Scores: DiveMeets has the world's most sophisticated live online scores. As a diver comes on deck, we display the dive the diver is about to do, the points the divers needs on this dive to catch up, the average score this divers gets for this dive and the highest score this diver has ever received for this dive. This feature is unique to DiveMeets. All that is required is an Internet connection from the pool.

Upload Results: When the last event is finished go online, click a button and upload each computers results to DiveMeets. Please see "Diver Benefits" below for additional information about your meet results.

Payment: After you upload the meet results, your entry fees are mailed to you. Payment is simple, accurate and fast. There are alternative payment procedures for meets where the divers are not charged to participate. Example NCAA meets.

Cost: DiveMeets is free to you. The divers pay a 3.80 data management fee per event. There are no hidden cost.

Divers Benefits: This may be the best reason to use DiveMeets.Com. After your meet is over, you will upload the the meet results back to DiveMeets.Com . We instantly add your dive meet to our ever growing data base. Imagine having all divers, teams, scores, coaches, judges, and different diving organizations in a single data base. This means we are able to provide an almost unlimited amount of rankings, comparisons and other queries. The fact is divers, coaches and parents like going to meets using DiveMeets. When the meet is over It is fun and informative to come online and see complete meet results overall rankings and even rankings for individual dives. They can even print out actual Dive Sheets to replace the one they forgot at your pool.

DiveMeets Software: We believe you are never so good you can not improve. This means we are always upgrading our software. You will download the software for your meet prior to the meet. When the meet is over just UN-install it. In effect each software program is disposable. When you run your next meet on DiveMeets you will be using a newer version.

Get Started: Setting up a meet is simple. E-mail: Coach Dario Di Fazio Miami Dive Team at the University of Miami Aquatic Center, Miami FL. Dario will call you back and get you set up. For general DiveMeets Information contact: . For technical support contact:


DiveMeets works with Colorado and Daktronics Consoles and Judge Pads.

If you do not have one of these systems you may rent the wireless pads (below) for 50.00 per day for a set of 7.


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