Questions most often asked by Divers and Parents  


-I--Question: I logged in, but the meet I want to enter is not displayed. Why?

  • DiveMeets displays meets based on the organizations you said you belong to when you first registered with DiveMeets. Example: If your account information only has you listed as a member of United States Diving, only United States Diving events will be displayed when you log in. If you now belong to other organizations like the NCAA, you need to login to your account and place a check in the box next to NCAA. Follow the steps below to update your account now.

    * Login
    * Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click where it says "Update Account".
    * Place a check next to the Organization sponsoring the meet.
    * Click the continue button at the bottom of the page until is says account updated.
    * Now the meet will appear in your list of meets

    We recommend you regularly update your team, coach, and organizations you dive with. High school age divers should also indicate the year of graduation so NCAA coaches know when you are a senior.

-I--Question: What is DiveMeets refund policy?

  • DiveMeets does not issue refunds. When you register for an event with DiveMeets, your payment is instantly credited to Meet Director's account for the meet you entered. Most meets do not issue refunds and some are prohibited from issuing refunds in accordance with published rules from the meets sanctioning organization. For further information you must contact the meet director. The Meet Directors contact information can be found on the conformation e-mail sent to you when enter a meet. If the meet director refunds your money, the refund will come from the meet director to you and will not be a credit back to your credit card. Disputing a charge to bypass a meets no refund policy may result special prepayment arrangements being required for future meets.

-I- Question: I accidentally entered the wrong meet. How can I get moved to the correct meet?

  • You should login and enter the meet you do want to attend before that meet closes for online entries. Yes you will have to pay again.
  • Refunds: This is a situation where you most likely will not get a refund from the meet you incorrectly entered . See more in the question above "Question: What is DiveMeets refund policy?"

---Question: I can not find my coach in DiveMeets list of coaches. Why?

  • This means your coach has not registered with DiveMeets. Stop your entry process and contact your coach. Ask him or her to go to DiveMeets and register. As soon as your coach finishes the registration process, you may Login a find his or her name so you can continue entering the meet.

---Question: My team name is not listed with DiveMeets. Why?

  • Teams must be submitted to DiveMeets. If your team name is not listed, it indicates no one has submitted the team to DiveMeets. Solution: Send us the: team name, country, state (Provence) city, actual address, coaches name, coaches e-mail and team phone number. We will verify the submission and then add the team into our data base. This may take up to 48 hours not including weekends or holidays. Send your team information to